During the Event

Recruitment Open House is a networking event. It is not necessarily the day you will get a job. You will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with company representatives who could become valuable contacts in your job search process. Focus on successfully networking to maximize your experience. Review the topics below to refine your networking skills during the event.

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Dress Professionally

Dressing professionally doesn’t mean dressing uncomfortably. Find your personal professional style to both feel like yourself and make a great impression. It's a long day of standing, so dress accordingly.

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Name Badge Guide

Know your audience. View the Name Badge Guide to preview what graduating student, employer, and faculty/staff name badges will look like at the event.

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Starting The Conversation

You’re at the event. Your wall is perfect. You’re dressed professionally. Now step forward and talk with companies that you’ve admired for years. Read more for details on what to expect and how to break the ice.

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Body Language

Experts claim that body language accounts for more than 50% of your communication. Make sure that you’re communicating your brand and message clearly by following these recommendations.

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Wrapping Up The Conversation

You'll encounter many employers at the event and will need their contact information to send follow-up emails, so it’s important to practice asking for business cards.