Preparing for an internship

Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of internships during their time at ArtCenter. It is essential for students to thoroughly read the guidelines, and understand for-credit internship criteria, important deadlines, and grading requirements.


searching for opportunities

There are various places you can look to find potential opportunities. CPD has compiled a list of tips, resources, and databases to help get you started.


the application process

Applying for internships can be a tedious and overwhelming process… that is unless you do the prep work ahead of time! Use the timeline and checklist on this page to create a manageable game plan for yourself.


i got an internship! now what?

You have the opportunity to either register your internship for credit or not register your internship for credit. Click here to learn more about your next step.


While On A For-Credit Internship

There are certain expectations and requirements you need to be aware of while you are on a for-credit internship. Read more about grading requirements, tips for practicing professionalism, and how to best wrap up your experience.


Pay It Forward

There are a number of ways you can share your internship experience with the ArtCenter community. Consider taking advantage of one or more of these opportunities.



Got a question or two? Click here for the most Frequently Asked Questions. If you don’t find your answers here, you can email us directly using the form.