Mentorship Program

Career and Professional Development’s Mentorship Program brings together students and industry leaders to establish mutually beneficial relationships where creativity, career, and life can be explored. 


What do previous mentees have to say?

I learned a lot more about management and different career paths and options. Learning more about how to navigate different situations through my mentor’s own experiences.
— Mentee, FA17
I gained more confidence in how to navigate my own thoughts as it relates to my profession, as well as in my decision making abilities. I grew less afraid of the nearing “end” of my ArtCenter career as I transition out of school and into the industry, and I know I have an awesome connection to the industry, as well as skills to make my own connections if/when necessary.
— Mentee, FA18
What I gained from this program is generally feeling more knowledgable about post-school life. There are many things that we aren’t taught or necessarily prepared for in school. Talking to an alum helps.
— Mentee, FA17
I think the ability of showcasing your work with someone who is currently working and keeping up with standards within the industry was the biggest plus for me. Otto was extremely patient and quite honest with me when it came to the harsh and beneficial realities of the industry which i found very eyeopening and extremely helpful.
— Mentee, FA18
It’s so amazing to be paired up with amazing people that I could not normally know personally. I really have a personal relationship with my mentor, he even tries to set me up to meet more people. My mentor will constantly send me inspiration or things that he thinks will benefit me knowing what I want to do in the future.
— Mentee, FA17
I learned the importance of networking. I learned how much I can learn from a professional who works in the industry I’m interested in. I learned what companies expect from interns and designers. I also learned what I should prepare to satisfy companies’ expectations.
— Mentee, FA18


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