After the Event

Congratulations! You’ve successfully networked at Recruitment Open House (ROH) and you’ve met a number of new connections. You may have received some feedback on your resume or portfolio, and heard about exciting openings for which you’d like to apply. You may be scheduling interviews or evaluating an offer. Review the resources below to support you in the steps after ROH.

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Follow Up with Employers

You gathered many business cards at ROH and now it’s important to follow-up with the recruiters and designers that you met. Send an email or make a phone call no later than the Monday after the event.

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Organize Contacts

Stay organized. Use this form to keep track of all the recruiters and designers that you spoke with at the event. Be sure to include their business card information, and any notes you may have jotted down about your discussion. If you didn’t take notes during ROH, write a few down now; it’s important for you to remember points about the conversation.

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Complete the Student Survey

We greatly value your thoughts as we refine ROH. Please take a moment to share your experience of the event.

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From Student to Alumni

Now that you’ve graduated you’ll need to update your information and profile in several formats, including your resume, cover letter, business cards, social media platforms (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) and more.



You’ve been invited to interview; now you must be prepared to showcase your interpersonal skills and show the employer why you will be the best person for the job.

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Evaluate an Offer & Negotiate

Congrats! One or more of the organizations you met at the event have made you an offer. Before you make a decision or negotiate, there are a number of factors to consider.