Resume & Cover Letter



A resume is a marketing tool used to present a snapshot of your professional and educational experiences that are relevant to a specific employment opportunity. It may change based on each company you apply to. You decide what should be included based on the job description and employer needs. The purpose of a resume is to list relevant information as well as accomplishments for an employer/recruiter in a concise way. A resume will not “get you a job” but is used to get you an interview.

The links below will help you draft or refine your resume:

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Cover Letter:

A well-written cover letter can make a strong, immediate impression. It may be the first point of contact you have with the employer and introduces you to them. The goal of your letter/email is to have them eager to have you in for an interview. The cover letter is one element of your job application package, along with your resume and website/portfolio. It should be written for a specific audience and tailored toward a specific job description. It shows your personality as well as your interest in and knowledge of the employer.

The links below will help you draft or refine these materials:

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If you are writing a letter, but don’t have a specific job or job description:

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