Why get a mentor?

+ Access a one-on-one relationship with an industry leader.

+ Receive guidance and advice from someone who is interested in shaping future creatives.

+ Gain exposure to your desired industry.

+ Discover various creative pathways to lead you to your future career goals.

+ Get feedback on professional materials.

Program Overview:

Participation requires a commitment to ensure a positive and valuable experience for all participants. The program has been structured to allow participants a flexible, yet enriching experience. We understand that both mentors and mentees have many other commitments, so the program will inevitably look different for each pair.

Your application must clearly state defined professional goals for the mentorship program. It must include a developed portfolio with current work that supports those goals. For most undergraduate students, this will require a full year of completed coursework at ArtCenter.


Meet and Greet

Mentees will set up an initial meeting to kick off the mentorship relationship, set expectations, and make an action plan for the course of the 10 weeks. This meeting may be done via Skype, on-site, by phone, etc. 

Inside Industry

If possible, mentors will provide mentees with exposure to a professional environment, which may include job shadowing, an on-site tour, invitations to company events, etc. This allows mentees to learn how organizations are structured and run on a day-to-day basis. Note that some students may be matched with a mentor remotely and may not be able to experience their work environment.

Feedback and Critique

Professional feedback is an important component of the program. Mentees will share their work, resume, portfolio and/or website with their mentors and receive feedback and critique on the materials.


Mentors will also provide mentees with feedback regarding the professionalism of their behavior during the program. At the conclusion of the experience, we encourage mentors to have a conversation with their mentees regarding the level of professionalism they have exhibited and offer areas for growth and improvement.

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