Experience with my Mentor, a Visual Development Artist

My name is Emily Pan and Iā€™m an Illustration student. My experience with the Mentorship Program offered at ArtCenter was very beneficial. By having guidance by a professional artist working within the field, I got to learn a spectrum of things that I've never known about the industry.

With my mentor, Francisco Mora, we established a personal project that was aimed to help me deliver my own story along with its own cast of characters. With consistent communication, I got to learn a lot about how to go about creating a piece. Learning and understanding the process was essential to self-improvement as well as growth.

I was also fortunate enough to be able to visit the studio in which my mentor worked in. Not only was I able to get an idea of what the working place would look like, I was also able to speak to the other artists and learn about their own personal experiences in the field. Overall, I highly recommend this program to any student who'd like to have a deeper insight within the field that they're pursuing. The relationship developed as well and the feedback has been wonderful and a great experience all in all!

A Great Mentor Journey with Pete Hawkes

Hi, this is Jiacheng Yang, a 4th term student from Interaction design.

During the Fall 2017 term, I had the privilege to participate in the Mentorship Program hosted by CPD. The program aimed to provide a closer look into our future career and create a direct connection with industry resources by pairing us with a mentor.

This is what I learned from the 10 week experience with my amazing mentor Pete Hawkes.

Learning by Watching

Mr. Hawkes is the Interaction Design Director working at Oblong Industries and is a teacher from USC. He has 19 years of experience in the industry. He develops and iterates on spacial interface design born in the movie MINORITY REPORT.

Mr. Hawkes spent a lot of time demonstrating their work at Oblong's headquarters and warehouse. Seeing things you never thought would actually exist can be the best way to learn. What makes it even better is to learn processes from the ones who developed those products.

Mr. Hawkes tweaking a demo at Oblong Warehouse.

Mr. Hawkes tweaking a demo at Oblong Warehouse.

The Pathway to a New World

Every time we had a discussion, small entry points of new information or new ways of thinking appeared. These small points became my beginnings to search and learn from.

I kept a small webpage for all the knowledge I learned and the things that they inspired me to learn. It worked really well for me as a loop, learn and search then learn more.

When you rotate the orb, the information graphic of earth on the screen rotates accordingly.

When you rotate the orb, the information graphic of earth on the screen rotates accordingly.

Lifelong Tips

We talked about life tips during the very last week. Things like "Should I go for higher education or go to work? What helped you the most in your career?"

The answers he gave really resonated with me.

  1. Keep up the momentum of your career, whether it is in your education or your future career. Don't let these moments go away.

  2. Create a little community to find people with the same interests. Make things happen with them. This will inspire strong connections and great opportunities.

  3. Keep contributing and giving back to your community. When the community becomes better, you become better as well.

Thank you

I truly appreciate the effort CPD put into the program and the amazing mentorship from Mr. Hawkes. I can't recommend enough for fellow students to be a part of the program for how much you will grow as a designer and as a person.