Frequently Asked Questions 

When does the Mentorship Program run?
The Mentorship Program officially runs in the Fall term; however, the applications are due the term before (Summer term). The application deadline is announced at the start of the Summer term. Once the application period closes, CPD reviews the applications and makes selections. All students will be notified whether or not they were accepted. CPD then begins matching students with mentors. Mentor matches are typically finalized during the summer break weeks, and the program officially kicks off Week 1 of the Fall term.

Who is eligible to apply?
Applications are open to all ArtCenter students, undergraduate and graduate. Your application must clearly state defined professional goals for the mentorship program. It must include a developed portfolio with current work that supports those goals. For most undergraduate students, this will require a full year of completed coursework at ArtCenter.

Can I participate in the program and also be registered for classes?
Yes. You do want to be mindful of your overall workload. The program has a flexible structure with flexible deadlines and touch points, but you still need to have the bandwidth to give your attention to mentor-mentee relationship and take full advantage of the program. Previous participants have mentioned that they underestimated the amount of time needed to have a robust experience. They felt that with a lighter course load, they would’ve been able to work on more projects with the guidance of their mentors.

Can I participate in the program in my graduating term?
Yes. However, graduating students already have a heavy workload, and we have found that often they are not able to also dedicate the necessary amount of time to make the most of the program. Your focus in your graduating term should be on your job search and wrapping up your experience at ArtCenter, which includes preparing for Recruitment Open House and Grad Show. We are happy to work with graduating students on an individual basis and talk about informal mentorship opportunities. 

Can I get academic credit for participating in this program?
No. The Mentorship Program is neither a class, nor an internship. It is a volunteer experience for both students and mentors. The takeaway from the program is the experience and guidance you receive from your mentor.

Can I participate in the program if I am taking a term off?
Yes. You may participate in the program even if you are taking a leave of absence. However, you must actively check communication from the CPD office so you do not miss any important information.

Can I apply if I have participated in the Mentorship Program before?
Yes. Priority will be given to students applying for the first time, but if there is space in the program, we will consider applications from previous mentees.


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